East Atlantic Adventures, a Snowman Called Xavier and a Humungous Thank You!


Hello from snowy Ottawa! ❅︎

We’ve just recently returned from a circuit loop of the Atlantic Northeast along Dawn of the Guardian’s Book Tour! We had the chance to visit numerous cities across Canada and the USA, including Montreal, Quebec City, Fredericton, Brunswick in Maine, Boston and the White Mountains of New Hampshire and Vermont, finally returning to Ottawa. 

It was an incredible two weeks of connecting with and presenting at communities, schools, libraries and even a Scientific Society.

What truly impacts me are those moments when a bunch of fifth graders come up to you after a presentation and ask for a hug.

Now back in Ottawa, although we’ve had a tiny bit of rest and recuperation while taking refuge inside, it’s been a hectic couple of weeks with planning and organising the next phase of this Book Tour. Watching from our windows all the different types of magical snowflakes fall for almost three days non-stop, we couldn’t resist getting out there and finally building a snowman. We named him Xavier and for a few days, he gloriously shimmered day and night for us. Then we watched the Winter wonderland around us melt to snirt. (Snow + Dirt = Snirt) The temperature skyrocketed to almost +10C and now all that’s left of Xavier are the two sprigs of firtree we used for his eyebrows and a sad pile of shrunken snow. RIP Xavier. You will be missed. 

We’ll soon begin our month-long migration South, along Dawn of the Guardian’s Tour, destination: Miami, Florida. Oh am I looking forward to the warm sunshine again! 

It’s truly been an amazing Winter and with Spring right around the corner, I wanted to take a moment and express my deepest thanks to all the people we have met along this circuit loop, for all the support we have received and kindness we have encountered. 

From powering through our very first snowstorm to reach the warm spirited Homeschooler Communidée in Montreal to sharing my story with over 150 enthusiastic and brilliant students in Fredericton’s Public Library, to driving through Stephen King country in Maine and watching the sparks of creativity catch during my Writer’s Workshop, to connecting with Boston’s Hungarian Community, as well as presenting at a Scientific Society, I want to say Thank You So Very Much!

What truly impacts me are those moments when a bunch of fifth graders come up to you after a presentation and ask for a hug. When you get to meet with one of your best friends for the first time and as one of your first adventures together, decide to sled backwards into a swamp. When you connect over a round of the game Bang! transporting us from beside the fireplace into the heart of the wild west… And when you stay up past midnight talking and laughing with new friends because you know that in the morning you’ll have to part ways. 

It’s these moments and I can’t wait to experience more of them. With some very exciting news just around the corner and the open road beckoning, make sure you stay tuned!