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A supernatural dog tale... an adventure as big as space, as distorted as time, that will leave you asking the question,

"Am I awake, or in a dream within a dream?"

Dawn of the Guardian's HUNGARIAN Release 




Dawn of the Guardian's sequel, the 2nd part in its TRILOGY, is set for Release in september 2018

JANUARY 22, 2018         

Az Őrző hajnala Book Presentation: The Power of Stories

Morning Session - School Visit  

Afternoon Session - Town Library


November 27 - A celebration of Books Day


December 1 - 11:30am

Kék Géza Közösségi Ház

Szent István tér 5., Diósd, 2049

December 06, 2017         

School Visit - Dawn of the Guardian Book Presentation & 

The Power of Stories

Britannica International School, BUDAPEST


November 29, 2017         

School Visit - Storytelling with the English Language Classes

Jánoshidai Általános Iskola, JÁNOSHIDA

November 25, 2017         

TEDxYouth@Budapest Conference 

MOM Kulturális Központ, BUDAPEST

November 18, 2017 - 4 pm-5pm         

Book Launch/Presentation/Q&A with Izabella Rémán /Signing Event 

Libri Könyvesboltok / Kolibri Kiadó / Lelkesedés Könyvek

Corvin Pláza Libri Könyvesbolt, BUDAPEST

November 12, 2017 - 10 am-4pm         

Book Presentation 

Clonlara Hungary - Homeschooling Open Day Family Meet

Fonó Budai Zeneház, BUDAPEST

November 7, 2017 - 11 am         

Book Presentation 

Lehel Vezér Gimnázium, JÁSZBERÉNY

October 26, 2017 - 6pm-7.30pm         

Book Presentation & Signing Event

Vörösmarty Mihály Megyei Könyvtár, SZÉKESFEHÉRVÁR

October 26, 2017            

Book Presentation & Discussions of World Traveling Experiential Learning  

I. István Szakgimnázium, SZÉKESFEHÉRVÁR

October 25, 2017 - 6pm-8pm           

Book Presentation & Signing Event

Rába Hotel, Baross Hall, GYŐR

October 25, 2017            

Book Presentation & Discussions of World Traveling Experiential Learning  

Hunyadi Mátyás Szakgimnázium, SZÉKESFEHÉRVÁR

October 15, 2017 - 1pm-3.30pm            

Homeschooling / Unschooling Family Event - Book Presentation 


October 12, 2017 - 6pm-7.30pm            

Worldschooling / Book Presentation & Signing Event 

Budapest School, BUDAPEST

September 25, 2017

Book Presentation/Könyvbemutató: 

Kós Károly Szakközépiskola, CSÍKSZEREDA

September 22, 2017 

Book Presentation/Könyvbemutató:

Orbán Balázs Gimnázium, SZÉKELYKERESZTÚR

September 21, 2017

Book Presentation/Könyvbemutató: 

Orbán Balázs Általános iskola, SZÉKELYUDVARHELY

SZékelyudvarhelyi Városi Könyvtár, SZÉKELYUDVARHELY

September 19, 2017

Book Presentation/Könyvbemutató: 

Kájoni János Megyei Könyvtár, CSÍKSZEREDA

August 31, 2017             

Otthonoktatás Szabadtanulás Tanuló csoportok Magántanuló közösségek TALÁLKOZÓJA - Piliscsaba/Tinnye, Hungary


March 21st - 27th                      Miami, FL

March 11th - 16th                       Hungarian Community Centre 

                                                    - Atlanta, GA

March 10th                               The Village Project 

                                                    - Greer, SC

March 9th                                 TAASC 

                                                    - Asheville, NC


                                                  Five Oaks Academy 

                                                    - Simpsonville, SC

March 7th & 8th                       The Rainbow Community School 

                                                    - Asheville, NC

March 2nd                                 Education Elsewhere 

                                                    - Farmington, NJ

March 1st                                   Abington Community Library

                                                    - Clarks Summit, PA

February 28th                             Liverpool Public Library 

                                                    - Syracuse, NY

February 27th                             Laurel Elementary School 

                                                    - New Castle, PA

February 24th                            Storytelling at Netta's 

                                                    - New Castle, PA

February 21st                             Dundas Grenville Home-Ed Assoc. 

                                                    - Brinston, ON

February 4th                             Boskola Hungarian School

                                                 Hungarian Scouts Group 

                                                 Barabási Science Society

                                                    - BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS 

February 1st                               Curtis Memorial Library 

                                                    - Brunswick, ME


January 28th - 31st                     Fredericton Public Library 

                                                    - Fredericton, NB

January 26th - 27th                   Centre Communidée 

                                                    - Montreal, QC 

January 10th - 25th                   Eliyana's Lit. Class

                                         Compass Centre for Self-Directed Learning

                                                 Ottawa Library Emerald Plaza 

                                                    - OTTOWA, ONTARIO

December 1st - 31st                     Montclair Public Library, NJ 

                                                 Clifton Public Library, NJ


March 28th - April 8th             Project World School Family Summit                                                    - Mérida, Yucatán


2017 - 2016


Edinburgh - October 6 - 10


Glasgow - October 13

Manchester - October 14 - 16

Liverpool - October 17

Leeds - October 18

York - October 18

Durham - October 19

Middlesbrough - October 20

Birmingham - October 21-22

Oxford - October 25

London - October 26 - November 6

Réka Kaponay is a 16-year-old passionate writer and blogger, turning her dream of becoming a professional writer and published author into reality at the age of 14. At 12 years of age, Réka was inspired by a trip to Andalusia, Spain, to write her first full-length adventure-mystery novel… Dawn of the Guardian, published on 31st March 2016, and also published in Hungarian, titled Az Őrző Hajnala, on 1st September 2017 by Kolibri Publishing. 

Réka began writing at a very early age creating short stories and entering local writing competitions. Her love for relating stories intensified when, in 2012, her family started out on a continuous world-traveling journey of learning and exploration. She has since traveled to 44 countries on six continents and now has a readership of over 15,000 people to her blog Dreamtime Traveler

Réka’s journey has been one of learning and listening to people’s stories, immersing herself in their mindset, viewpoint and understanding of the world. This is translated in her book, through the telling of the adventure-mystery tale of Fūko, the unlikely Patterdale Terrier, who has been chosen as ‘The Guardian’, all of which is told through entertaining rich allegory, intended to engage and inspire young people to get out there and realise their dreams. 

After the release of her book, Réka and her family are continuing their world journey of learning, as well as a global promotional tour of her book, while completing the sequel to Dawn of the Guardian!

About the Author

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+ 61 458 713 205 (AUS)

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